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Extra-terrestrial Exchange StudentDavid Ishii a.k.a. Peekaboo Dave
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David Ishii aka Peekaboo Dave

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Peekaboo Dave
2022 A.D.
Scroll, Stroll Dead Sea Scrolls Ease On The Down
; Scroll

 Seattle, Washington U.S.A


Give Glory

He's Got The Whole World

In His Hands

2012 A.D.

Mayan Calendar

Gravitational Pull

Hour Glass Turns

Tic-toc Tic-toc 

We Are The Generation Of

End Times


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
My Eddy Biddy Martian Babies & All My Alien Friends
I Wonder How You Are ?
Extra-terrestrials Friends Up Above The World So High
Martian Babies In A Crib I Look Beyond The Sky
Seven Sisters, Orions BeltBig Dipper, Little Dipper Little Dipper Hallelujah Constellation's Big Little Star
Twinkle Twinkle My Little Stars
GOD's Little Children​ Gaga goo-goo Burp Burp
We Have Ya Covered, We Have Ya Back's
Call Me When You Need A Friend
Mommy, Daddy So, So Proud Purdy Please Take Bow
Holy Smokes, The Holy Ghost
Did It For GOD's Universe Up Above Earth So High
Father GOD I Make's Like A Good Little Soldier
Obedient, Tested And True
Daddy Your Wish Is My Command
GOD The Father Of Our Extra-terrestrials Babies
I Have Dream
That They Will Always Be Our Future
It's What Makes Our Curved Universe Goes Around
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Shine Bright Like A Diamond
Gaga goo-goo
Diapers, Baby Formula, Milk Bottles
2%, Whole Milk, Half & Half
Milky Way 
Please Purdy Please 
Milk It !
Why Buy The Cow ?  
When GOD's Organic Milk Is Lactated Free 
Tear Drops In Daddy's Eyes
Please, Please Don't Make Me Cry
The Thrill Of Victory
The Wickedness Of Defeat
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Pray, Text, Hashtag
E.T. Call Home
Give All Gory To The Ole Almighty One
  The Battle Has Been Won !
Thank You
Father GOD
May We Tip Our Hat
's To You

Too All My Eddy Bitty Babies & These Little Child's Of Mine 

All Dogs Goes To Heaven

To All The Miscarriage's & Abortion's

The Unborn

Truth The Way

So Help Me GOD

They're All Waiting For You In Heaven !

Jesus Love's All His Little Children

GOD The Father, GOD The Son (feat): GOD The Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost Back To The Future The Last Part Of The Trinity

Planet Earth End Times Duties Of His Last Days

Way Station Planet Earth Just Passing Through

Holy Of Holy's Most High

Give Glory

Three Hombres From Heaven

Unison's As One

Kapaso, Kapasa

Good Morning First Breath Of Air 

John 3:16

Smell What's Java Jahweh Jesus Is Brewing

Latte, Drip 

Adela Adela, Ariba

As They Say South Of The Border

Make It A Grande 

Super Size It

Good To The Last Drop

 If That's Not A Cat's Meow

Hello Kitty, Kitty

From Me To You

Peekaboo Little Dave

    Wow !

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