Catch A Feeling
Serotonin & Endorphins
Oh What A Feeling
In GOD We Trust
Catch A Feeling
Wonderful Life Thee Immaculate Conception Wonderful Children & Wife 
Family Morales; Family Values, Price Point; Priceless
Send Me An Angel Oh Father In Heaven A Golden Child Send Me An Angel 
A Gift From You Daddy Father GOD
The Alfa & Omega
Immaculate Conception Of An Islam, Christianity Golden Child
Send Me A Angel 
Ashes To Dust The Inception Of Conception Starts Off With No End
GOD The Father, GOD The Son, GOD The Holy Ghost
A Gift From You
Heaven To Betsy
You'll Surely Will Be Pleased
Leader Of World Leaders
A Golden Child
Show Me The Way Purdy Please
This Planet Has Gone And Been To Sinful Far, Far A Stray
What Comes Around Goes Around
They Say In Asia Yin & Yang
You Reap What You Sow
Right Back At You Father GOD
"  Karma Of Love " !
Thank You Daddy
Heavenly Thought's
Love You Dearly
Your Little Bobblehead
Bobblehead Dave
Like The Book Of Job
Total Luv

New Heaven Hell Yes,
New Earth Hum Leave It To The Father It's GOD's Call
Prophesy The World Fulfillment Center Of End Times

Gog's Magog
China's 2,000,000 Plus Military Men The Ever Changing Times
John Has Revelation A Vision Hindsight Is 20/20
Foresight On How It Plays Out Revelations
Poet's Pun Point Of View
Breaker, Breaker
Heaven Calling On Earth
Come In 
Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie, Planet Earth World Series
Game Seven To Finish Off End Times
  Father GOD
   Play Ball !
 Batter Up On Deck Father GOD
Hall Of Fame Big Bambino
Knock On Wood
Sultan Of Swat

Sodom & Gomorrah
'S WRATH ! !
Defcon 1, Defcon 2, Defon 3, Defcon 4, Defcon 5
Mt. Etna Has Erupted
I'm In What Mode ?
Lighting Bolt Has Struck Roar Of Thunder
Satan I Will Strike You Down
I'm In Wrath Mode !
Purdy Please Purdy
Knock The Sin Out

  Knock It Way Out Of Park !
Bottom Of The Ninth 
Game Set Match Point
Calling The Bullpen
Bring Up The Setup Man
Gabriel's Heavenly Angels
Bring In The Closer Will Finish This Off
    Guardian Angel Micheal Say'Dancing With The Devil ?
Mark Of The Beast 6.6.6.
Lake Of Fire
Cement Boot
't Stay Afloat
Napalm The Damned Thing Napalm
     Fire In The Hole   
Lake Of Fire
, Lined With Quick-sand
Pit Of Hell

What Floats Your Boat ? 
Dancing In the Dark
That's A Negative Lucifer 
Welcome To The Dance
The Flight Pattern Is Closed !
To The Wicked
Satan You Make Your Bed You Ly In It

You Surely Shall Sink Below The Pit Of Hell
John 3:16
Jesus Yahweh Wash Our Sins
Communion, Fellowship
Come And Get It Grub's On
Last Call For Alcohol
End Time
's Last Call
Table Wine
, Grape Juice
7.7.7.% Alcohol
Good To The Last Drop
Have A Swig
Moderation Purdy Please
Sweet Tooth

This Is My Body, This Is My Blood
Break Bread 
Hawaiian Sweet Bread

Give All Glory To GOD
.C./A.D. 2022
Rugged Cross
Last Picture Show
Shine Bright Like A Diamond
Shine Bright
Let There Be Light
We Have the Power Of The Glow
Oh So Whimsical
Quite Whimsy
Can I Get A Witness
Damn Skippy

Book Of Job
Oldies But Goodies
For Love Of GOD 
Gideon's Bible, Quran, Torah
Oldest Story Told
Scroll, Stroll Dead Sea Scroll
Ease On Down The Road
   A Wager Of Crypto-currency Between Father GOD  
The Fallen Angel Jealous Player Hater Satan
Bookies Lagging For Pennies Book'm Bookies
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Cheat Sheets
   Who Do You Place Your Bets On ?
Money Line Has It GOD Will Win Plus7.7.7.
Victory Be With Us Chalk One Up For Job
Two Bits, Four Bits, Bit Coins A Dollar
Load Up Armor Truck Back Up The Brinks Truck
Pennies From Heaven A Blockchains A Comm'n
Over And Under Line Has Lucifer Negative 6.6.6. Six Feet Under
Viva Las Vegas Texas Hold'm
Holes In Your Pocket Loss Wages
Table Games, One Arm Bandit Slot Machines
Craps Table
Heaven Or Hell
Coming Out Pass line, Don't Pass
Seven Yo Thee Eleven The Ole Sugar Roll
Oh Craps
Snake Eyes, Serpents Roll Of The Dice
Lucky Eight, 8 The Hard Way
Oh Shucks
To The Evil
Six Hard It Wasn't Six The Easy Way
  What Hell Has Happened ?
Loss My Shirt Can't Get Out Of This Mess
  Loss Family Where's My Friends ?
Oh The Boils
Father In Heaven
Take One, Take Two
  What Do You Make Of It ?
Call 9.1.1.
Send In The Paramedic'
Man Oh Man
I Got A Headache
Look, Listen, See
Whoa Is Me
Where's My Livestock ?
   I'm Stricken With Mad Cow Disease !
Stay The Course Job
Chapter 7, Chapter 11 Time To File For Bankruptcy
For Love Of GOD !
Choices, Free Will
Free As You Want Be
Please Purdy Please Don't Leave Me
I.R.A., 4.0.1.-K Plan
Stop The Losses
   Where's My Broker ?
   Where's My Bankrupt Attorney ?
Wealth Of Job

Rich's To Rag 
  Rags To Rich's
Story Of Job
Unconditional Luv
What Goes Around Comes Around
Publisher Clearing House, Irish Sweepstakes
I Think I Won The Lottery
Ha-ha Satin
Survival Mode Survival Of Fittest
In GOD We Trust
Luv You Father GOD

Feast The Famine
Artichoke Hearts
Feast To Your Heart's Delights
Mexican Jumping Beans
Make Like An Venus Fly Trap
Little Shop Of Horror
Feed Me Seymour
iMax, Netflix, H.B.O., Showtime
Feed Me
Lights, Camera, Action
Indie Films
Rock & Roll
Film At 7.7.7. Weekend Matinée Film At Eleven
Abraham, Issac & Ishmael
  Popcorn, Burger &  A Soda For The Offering ?
Have It Your Way Seymour
Ishmael The Warrior
Concession Stand Soda-jerk
What's On Your List Today ?
   Bet You Just Can't Eat One ?
One To Five Stars
Rotten Tomatoes Rates This Film A Dud One For The Milk Duds
Smell What Seymour's Cooking
  Testing One, Two, Three Testing Come In Abraham ?
AbrahamIssac Meet You At The Alter
Smell What The Iron Chief GOD Is Cooking
How Do You Like Meat; Rare, Medium Rare ?
Well Tickle Pink
Oh So Cool
How About The Presentation
Eyes Of The Beholder
Hindsight Is 20/20
Seymour Looking Cross-eyed
Here's Looking At You
Bi-folds Are Out Of Wack
Vincent Van Gough
Paint's A Picture
Good GOD
  My Earlobe's Are Still Intact !
Test Of GOD
S.A.T. Score
Ivy League School's 101a
Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton
Legal Aid Say's Harvard
Steak & Lobsters Please Purdy Hold The Cracked Crabs
Done Deal, Well Done
May I Tip My Hat To You
Twelve Tribes Of Abraham
Thank You

Book Of Exodus
Oldies But Goodies
Tales Of Moses Stories Told
Land Of Egypt
Let My People Go
North, South, East, West GOD's G.P.S. Compass 
Pharaoh Of Egypt
What The Hey 
   Say What ? 
Up Your's
Wouldn't Give The Sweat Off My Begat'
Welcome To Twilight Zone 
Separation We Part Ways 
Run Moses Run

Parting Of The Red Sea  
Run Moses Run
Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
You Never Know What Pharaoh You'll Get
Turn On A Dime Dr. Jekel Mister Hyde
This Is My Salvation To You
Stupid Is, Is What Stupid Does
Let My People Go
Breaker, Breaker
Come In
Run Moses Run
This Is The FATHER
Please Purdy Please
Hit The Road Jack
This My Covenant To The Promised Land
Roger That
Father GOD
   Which Way Do We Go ?
Decisions, Free Will
 All The Way Live
No Guts
, No Glory
Off Into The Wilderness
, Skip And A Jump Away We Go
 Pure In Heart The Path Is Straight & Narrow
Cadence Purdy Purdy Please Up, Two, Three, Four
Let My People Go

Onward Forward Christian Soldiers
 Army Of Islam Peace Be With You  
Gate Keeper, Key Master It All Leads To The Same Place
Heaven's Gate Lined With Gold
, Tigers, Loose The Sin
B_tch , B_tch Stop The Whining
  Enquires Minds Wants To Know ?
Coriander ' Hum ' Cry Fowl
Tales Of The Iron Chief Father GOD
Abraham & Moses The Prep Cook
  Smell What's GOD's Cooking ?
Rack Of Lamb For The Offering
Sizzling Platter & Caviar
Have Your Cheese Cake And Eat It Too
Moses Please Purdy Please Feed The Multitude's
Come See, Come Saw GOD Knows Everything
Forty Days, Forty Nights Waiting Wasn't Worth A Hill Of Beans 
Burning Bush
Smokey Mountain Hill Hose Th'm Down There's Smoke In Them Hills
As The World Turns As The Story Goes
GOD Lays Out Law's Of The Land
The Ten Commandments
Arch Of The Covenant
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Laymen Terms Etch In Stone
Look Down Yonder Canaan Is In Sight  
Make Like A Lookie Loo
Joshua & Caleb Go Scope It Out
   Knock, Knock Who's There ?
The Real McCoys The Real Deal 
The Canine's
Easy Bra How Goes It ?
Have You Seen My Ye-Ole Friends Abraham, Ishmael & Isaac ?
About Three-hundred Years Back
No Worries
've Come To The Place This Land GOD Sent You Is Very Fertile
GOD's Country
I Learned A New Word

This Land Is Your Land
The Promised Land Of Canaan
May The Spirit GOD Rest Upon You
May I Tip My Hat To You
Thank You Canine's
Five Stars, Kudos
Thank You
Our Salvation To You
  Two Thumb's Up Way Up !

To Be Continued
Stay Tuned More On The Way