To All My Fine Feathered Martian Friends
Extra-terrestrials Hashtag E.T. Call Home
Holly Holy Smokes
' U.F.O.'s ' Of A Third Kind
Yipy-yea ki-yea
Ghost Rider In The Skies
E.T. There Comes A Judgement Day
's Universe Tried & True
Truth The Way So Help Me GOD
Voice Forensic
; GOD Is My Secret Judge
Stairway To Heaven

Martians Stairway To GOD's Kingdom
The Pathway To Heaven Is Straight
& Narrow
E.T. Phone Home GOD's Calling E.T. Hashtag Home
Hello To My Fine Feathered Alien Friends
Malfunction At The Milky Way Junction
What Ruffles Your Feathers ?
Flying Saucer Came Crashing Down On Earth
No Worries I'll Patch Up Your Broken Wings
We'll Sing Songs, Serenade Ya, Swoon Ya Back Into Space
On My Cue Follow The Bouncing Ball Sing Purdy Please
Fly On Pass The Speed Of Sound All Sounds Matter's Fly On
E.T. Please Purdy Please Bring Back Your Friend
Trading Places Foreigners From Another Place And Time
N.A.S.A.'Extra-terrestrials Foreign Exchange Student Program
E.T. Bring Us Back An Foreign Exchange Student
I Will Be Glad To Astral Project Switch Places With You Into Outer Space
E.T. Your Home Is My Home, Home Sweet Home
Way Station Planet Earth Exchange Students Trading Places
Earthlings 101a
Space The Final Frontier
Where No Humans Have Gone Before
Locals & Tourist My Alien Friends Take The Tour
Mind, Body & Soul 
Astral Project Outer-body Experience
First Stop Land Of Humanoids Giant's Habitable 1940's Planet
Next Onto The One Dimensional Wafer-thin Long Legged Caricature's
A.D.D.;..A.D.H.D. Planet Peter Max, Hyper Max 
Astral Projection Prove's Sight Seen Unseen 
That More Than One Dimension Can Exist In The Universe
Infinity x Infinity Cubed GOD's Universe 
Astral Project
Welcome To The Magical Mystery Tour
Astral Project